How to be a volunteer?

Our volunteers are picked with special care, always understanding their needs, abilities and capabilities to help, teach and leave a legacy in the community. Our children know that they should share the culture and love of the Choco culture with the volunteers.  This is why we like to program specific activities for each of our volunteers.  It is a journey of great growth for both parts.


What are we looking for in our volunteers?

  • That he/she be passionate about community development and of helping others.
  • That he/she be open to living a new experience that goes deeper than fleeting tousism
  • That he/she be willing to develop personal habilities and have life changing experiences.


  • Acquire invaluable abilities for life such as the experience of teaching, communication and community development.
  • To live a once in a lifetime opportunity by submerging into the local culture and living every day life in a rural province.
  • The possibility of sharing knowledge with a vulnerable population and expanding horizons.
  • To visit one of Colombia’s regions with the most rich cultural and natural beauty.

To receive more information about volunteering.

  • Fill out the request form, send your resume and a letter of intention. We will review your request and get back to you as soon as possible with more information/